BLU Products Launches “Selfie” Android Smartphone

by Humberto Saabedra on April 27, 2015

BLU Selfie wide

Upstart “manufacturer” BLU Products has announced its latest mid-range Android smartphone with high-end features in the “Selfie”. As can be guessed by its name, the smartphone’s focus is on high-resolution and high-quality self and group portraits.

The phone features dual 13-megapixel camera assemblies sourced from Sony, both also featuring dual LED flashes and custom software for high-quality images and video capture. The phone is manufactured by Chinese OEM CT Group and was released last year in India and select markets under the Micromax brand.

The rest of the specifications center around a 4.7-inch 720p display, Android 4.4.4 KitKat, Mediatek 6592 octa-core processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal flash along with a microSD slot and FM Radio. To cap off the specs, the phone even includes dual-SIM support, though its unclear whether this phone will be updated to Lollipop for native dual-SIM support.

The phone is available now for immediate purchase from Amazon for $249.99 in both a US GSM and Global version.

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Cyanogen Launches Video Series To Highlight Key OS Features

by Humberto Saabedra on April 24, 2015


Alternative Android OS developer Cyanogen has quietly launched a new series of short videos on its YouTube channel to demonstrate the key advantages of its operating system over Google’s Android. The features that will be highlighted in the series focus on the extensive customization compared to Google’s Android, such as an “App Themer” engine that allows individual apps to feature a custom theme instead of being stuck with a default theme that may make an app hard to read or use.

Cyanogen is currently preparing for the US launch of the Alcatel One Touch Hero 2+ later this quarter, which will be the first phone in the US to ship with Cyanogen and full Google Mobile Services certification for compatibility with Google apps and services. The phone will be sold unlocked for $299.99 direct from Alcatel’s online storefront.

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