Getting Mobile Right.

No mumbo jumbo, no missed expectations and definitely no complex models. I simply solve problems with knowledge, creativity, innovation and a firm understanding of what information access on mobile devices is all about. With this insight I deliver ideas & solutions that deliver information to the right person at the right time in a secure, scalable and engaging way.

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Helping brands build a new kind of mobile experience.

I believe that mobile must be elegant and engaging. If you have to explain what it does you have lost your audience. At the same time this experience must be secure and on a scale different from other web apps. To deliver on that promise I use the knowledge developed over a decade with organizations such as Loreal, Stanley Black and Decker, Oracle and Adobe. 


I’m not a traditional mobile web guy.

I do not define solutions by some “magic quadrant,” but by the work delivered to some of the world’s leading companies. I also don’t think solutions should be shaped out of the same mold as conventional mobile enterprise consultants. Big budgets and long timelines don’t deliver big ideas. Brains and great individuals do!


I’m not playing games.

You don’t have to be a game developer to “get” mobile web development, but you certainly have to have a solid background in connecting information to people. I work for brands and companies that believe in the value of proven experience and knowledge to help them find the way out of the maze and into customers hands. Together we’ll create the road-map that highlights how to get your mobile experience to the next level of adoption.


Together we’ll create the solutions.

I have helped some the worlds leading companies and brands deliver a mobile experience to their workforce and customers. Working with some of the most advanced mobile  platforms like WordPress, Thesis, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft you are already 80% of the way there in launching a great solution. Combined with some of the best industry contacts and talent available anywhere, you will not only delight your end customers but also make your competition a little jealous.


You might want to turn that iPad off.

I am a mobile  industry expert and speaker. I specialize in helping to develop or mature a mobile strategy in both the business and consumers markets.

Executives bring me in when…
•    They are looking to create a comprehensive mobile-first presence and take their business plan to the next level
•    Raising capital and must put a modern face on their business
•    They are stuck or in need of fresh ideas

I behave like my livelihood depends on your success.

I have helped dozens of companies in the last 10 years make a successful transition to the mobile web. I have helped companies as diverse as Oracle, Adobe, Stanford University and the US Department of Defense.

“I use a super-simple approach and I speak in a direct manner about my process and my expectations.”

I am a mobile industry leader by choice.

After walking away from lucrative senior executive positions with Sprint and a six year stint as CEO of a venture-funded company.

“Helping companies build a great mobile presence is my passion.”

I am not interested in primarily desktop web refresh gigs.

Although I appreciate the need to delight existing customers, there are better choices to improve this type of initiative.

“You only want me if you are interested in developing a better mobile experience.”

You will get the truth about your project.

If I think your idea is not going to succeed, I will not allow you to continue to pay me to code it.

“I will also look a CEO straight on and plainly tell them what they are doing that is hampering the effort.”