Someone Solved Your Phone Auto-Playing Music In The Car

by Katie Notopoulos on August 10, 2017

Hello to anyone who has a car, has a friend with a car, rides in a car.

Hello to anyone who has a car, has a friend with a car, rides in a car.

You are aware of this really annoying thing.

You know when you plug in your phone to the car to charge, or hook it up over Bluetooth so you can do handsfree or whatever…. As soon as you connect your phone, it starts playing the first song in your music library over the stereo?

Which is irritating because obviously you don’t want to listen to your entire music library in alphabetical order. Who would do that? Only a very deranged person! Why do cars do this?

Good news: a genius (a former BuzzFeed employee, duh) made a fix for this.

Samir Mezrahi, who works for the animal site The Dodo (and is a former BuzzFeed employee) created a simple hack. He made a song that’s just a blank sound, with the title “A a a a a Very Good Song”. This means that instead of some loud song playing as soon as you connect your phone, you’ll be playing this silent song. Which will give you the 3 seconds you need to turn off the music player.

You can buy the song through the iTunes store for 99 cents (sorry, peace and quiet is gonna cost you).

Buy it HERE.

Mezrahi told BuzzFeed that he made the song because it drove him nuts that every time he plugged in his phone to his car, the Taylor Swift song “All You Had To Do Was Stay” would start playing. “I also noticed a lot of people had the same problem with Vampire Weekend's ‘A-Punk’, Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Team’, the Kendrick Lamar song ‘ADHD’ and the Lady Gaga song ‘Ayo’,” he said.

The song has only been available in the iTunes store since August 7, but it’s actually cracked the top 100 (it’s currently at #63, just above “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars). But my old deskmate has no intention of pop stardom, but simply making Bluetooth less annoying. “People have tweeted me screenshots of them playing my song, and it definitely feels like i am making a difference in the world,” said Mezrahi.


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