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by Juli Clover on March 3, 2015

AppAdvice recently launched a new site dedicated to the Apple Watch called WatchAware, and today a new feature was introduced that showcases upcoming Apple Watch apps in an interesting, interactive way.

The site’s Apple Watch Apps section offers a selection of apps that are displayed on an Apple Watch interface, with different views for “Apps,” “Glances,” and “Notifications.” For example, for the upcoming Twitter app, which was shown off at WWDC, WatchAware allows users to click to see both what the app itself will look like and what an incoming notification will look like.

Many of the apps on the page use imagery from the apps that Apple showcased when the Apple Watch was first announced, so there may be some significant interface changes, but overall, the site gives a good look at what one might expect to see from the different types of Apple Watch experiences developers can create.

As outlined in the WatchKit API provided to developers in November, developers can build Glances, actionable notifications, and Apple Watch apps that are powered by the iPhone. Actionable notifications are notifications that allow users to taken an action or respond directly on their wrists with the Apple Watch, while Glances are somewhat simpler, giving users quick information at a glance like news, weather, and more.

Apple Watch apps are even more in-depth than notifications and Glances, letting users perform tasks like reading tweets and sending messages. Apps, which are built-into and installed via the iPhone, run entirely on the iPhone, with an interface that’s beamed to the Apple Watch. By running apps on the iPhone, Apple is able to conserve battery and provide a seamless experience transitioning from watch to phone. Apple has promised apps that run entirely on the Apple Watch will come later in the year.

WatchAware currently features popular apps like Twitter, Facebook, Maps, American Airlines, Pinterest, and CityMapper, which were featured by Apple at WWDC, but there are also several other apps that have been showcased by developers like Deliveries, Run 5k, and Todoist. The site plans to add additional Apple Watch apps as they become available.

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