T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile Follows Other Brands In Doubling Data For A Limited Time

by Humberto Saabedra on November 4, 2014


T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile has quietly launched a double data promotion following the lead set by Boost Mobile and AT&T’s Cricket. The prepaid brand which features unlimited Facebook access as its trump card is currently offering the following data allotments in a limited time promotion with no set end date:

  • The $35 Unlimited, Talk, Text and Web plan now gets 1 GB of “3G” high-speed data per month instead of 500 MB.
  • The $40 Unlimited, Text and Web plan now gets 6 GB/month of high speed data instead instead of 3 GB.
  • The $45 plan Unlimited, Talk, Text and Web plan gets 10 GB/month of high speed data instead of 5 GB. The $45 plan is no longer advertised on the GoSmart site, but remains available from GoSmart dealers or by calling GoSmart customer support.

After the increased data allotment is used, all three plans include unlimited data throttled to 128 Kbps for the rest of the plan cycle, as is typical of T-Mobile. GoSmart Mobile does not feature LTE access and throttles data speeds to 8Mbps over T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, with the only exceptions to this limitation being Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which are allowed 4G LTE access at full speed on compatible devices. With these changes, it remains to be seen whether they will draw more customers to the service, as GoSmart Mobile is also limited to T-Mobile’s native coverage area and the lower costs reflect these limitations.

In related news, the $10 international calling add-on now features a monthly $50 international calling credit to call landlines and mobile numbers in 220 countries alongside the already included unlimited international text messaging, making the add-on more attractive to those that need international calling on a frequent basis.

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