New Sprint MVNO Madstar Mobile Aims To Bring Postpaid Features To Prepaid Sector

by Humberto Saabedra on October 31, 2014

Madstar Mobile

A new Sprint-powered MVNO in Madstar Mobile aims to provide select aspects of postpaid service to prepaid users as its main selling point. It charges for monthly service on a postpaid basis, but doesn’t require credit checks, deposits, or contracts. Madstar also states customers can cancel their service at any time with no fear of termination fees as a result.

The company will offer a range of feature phones, smartphones, and mobile broadband devices. Customers can choose to pay either full price for their phones or finance them with monthly payments through a custom developed financing program. The company offers selected current smartphones on its installment plan without finance charges or credit checks for its installment plans with Sprint BYOSD and number porting also supported.

Information on service plans was not provided in the announcement for the MVNO and attempts to access the official site led to either blank pages or GoDaddy placeholder pages while their social media pages are equally devoid of such information. What is known is that the virtual operator plans to charge between $22 to $88 per month for service.

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