The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED flip wallet

by Alex Dobie on September 5, 2014

IFA 2014 Between HTC’s DotView, Samsung’s S View and LG’s QuickCircle, smartphone cases have been getting a whole lot smarter over the past year. This week at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Samsung added another smart case to the list — the official Galaxy Note 4 LED flip wallet.

Unlike most smart accessories that reveal a portion of the screen to show information, this flip wallet uses LEDs in the front of the case to display text and icons while the phone’s display is powered off. It encloses the Note 4 like many of Samsung’s other cases, presumably connecting the display to the phone through contacts behind the battery door. Unfortunately the LED flip wallet display units at IFA were shown behind glass, so we weren’t able to see exactly how the case will function, but the sample readouts showed music playback, volume levels, battery consumption, email message counts and the current time as examples.

Galaxy Note 4 LED flip case

Unlike HTC’s DotView, which uses a partially translucent rubber layer covering the phone’s screen, it appears Samsung’s offering only shows you a single line of stuff. What’s more, it’s unclear how well-supported non-Samsung apps will be. Regardless, it’s a neat concept that should allow Note 4 owners to view important info while protecting the full area of the phone’s screen.

Galaxy Note 4 LED flip case

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