Touch ID patented for iPad, but could it come to Mac OS X too?

by Chris Smith on August 14, 2014

Touch ID patented for iPad, but could it come to Mac OS X too?

It seems a pretty safe bet that Apple will incorporate the Touch ID security tech within its expected iPad Air 2, especially now Apple has applied to patent the fingerprint sensor for tablet devices.

PatentlyApple has uncovered a newly-published filing showing the fingerprint sensor sitting within an iPad’s home button, as it does within the iPhone 5S handset.

However, before you leave, unsurprised by this seemingly obvious development, there’s an interesting plot twist; the patent also shows a Touch ID accessory that can be plugged into the 3.5mm jack.

It also mentions that the tech could take the form of a USB accessory that can be added to the device for authentication purposes.

Mac bound?

As neither the iPad or iPhone has a USB port, it raises the possibility Apple may be pondering bringing the technology to its Mac OS X computing range as well as mobile devices.

As Touch ID is currently used to authenticate purchases and protect unauthorised access to the device, there’s no reason why Apple wouldn’t want to bring it to Macs.

If the firm can do so, and make it backwards compatible by using a USB accessory then all Apple users could soon have the same peace of mind as those rocking the iPhone 5S.

Would a fingerprint sensor boost your interest in snapping up a new iPad or Mac? Let us know your thoughts below.

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